Day 84 – Coast to Coast

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After almost 7 weeks we finally hit the West coast of Africa. The Skeleton Coast. Big waves rolling in and breaking up onto perfect sandy beaches.

It was simply too tempting. Despite the National Park status, despite the signs on the side of the road, and even despite the white van man stopping to hand us leaflets. We just had to do it.

We took the bikes down to the beach and blasted up the coast. Weaving through the sand, running from the waves, climbing the dunes and roller coasting up and around the sandy hillocks. We felt we had earned this after all the falls, all the sand, all the rocks. Just too good for words. Boys and toys and breaking all the rules. Just how it was in the UK before they invented the dreaded HSE.

We finally checked in at the lodge and donned joggers for a cool run along the beach to the seal colony nearby. It is 4 weeks to the day since the foot incidence so no excuse to miss the 10k!

We headed South towards the seals and our first awareness of their presence was the remains of a poor dead seal pup. Then another, and another and in fact hundreds littering the beach. Even one or two abandoned seal pups still whimpering for their lost parents. It’s a harsh world. Eventually we rounded the point and there were tens of thousands of seals, barking and panicking as we got closer. We could see the colony stretching for kilometers and the smell was overpowering. Even Nick’s boots would come a distant second to this stench. The foot held up and we returned for a brace or two of healthy lime and sodas before supper.

Our morning ride had been dogged again by the mystery rider. He didn’t use the road but drove at speed through the desert. We had flickering images of him as he ran parallel to us through the bush. The locals say he arrived in a sandstorm and when it passed there he stood in the desert, a mysterious figure silhouetted against the sky. Some say he is a cross between the Himba and a scorpion. We call him the Stigma. The Namibian Stigma. J

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  1. Alan and Marie says:

    Just in case you did not get our e-mail George a very Happy Birthday. A lovely way to celebrate it. Lol xx