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  1. Bill Madden says:

    I know it is a bit late as we have been away for the last couple of days but we could not let the D100 pass without a very sincere congratulatory message – what a fantastic achievement!
    Best of luck to you all with your re-entry to “normal life”
    Bill & Joanne

  2. John and Claire says:

    Fantastic!!! Well done to you all-so sorry the blogs are coming to an end,they have made compelling reading for the last 98 days.Happy New Year to you all and a safe journey back to a soggy UK
    John and Claire
    P.S. would make a super book,film or documentary!! Will make Richard Dimblebys documentary starting next Wednesday look pretty tame I suspect!

  3. Victoria Hofman says:

    So nice to have met all of you and served you at dinner.

  4. Louise and Crispin Aylett says:

    You must be almost there – day 98?. Hope you have a fabulous last couple of days. Lots of depressing rain in the UK but plenty of lovely snow in Courchevel!
    Louise and Crispin xx

  5. I elf says:

    Been thinking about the team all day. Did you make it to Capetown? Can’t wait to hear all the stories……sad the blog is coming to an end 🙁

    Merry Christmas A100.


  6. Barry says:

    A very Happy Christmas to all of the Africa 100 gang …. what a journey and you all made it safely !… Have a great Day .. you deserve it 🙂

  7. Barry says:

    A very Happy Christmas to all the Africa 100 team..what a journey and you all made it safely back..have a great day you deserve it …….now what next ???

  8. Lindy says:

    Fantastic achievement …. Congratulations to you all. Have a wonderful Christmas … Lots of love. Lindy xxx

  9. Jean-daniel says:

    Merry Christmas to all the team, all our best wishes and congratulations for the amazing trip!! Jean-daniel & Conny

  10. Aimee says:

    Congratulations Africa 100 on an amazing achievement. I wish I was there to celebrate with you all.

    Merry Christmas!
    Aimee xx

  11. Stelios says:

    Pink landscape and greasy orifices – I think you boys have been on the road (or should I say sand) too long!!! – mind you pleased that you have finally seen the light and are stopping at Spa’s for a rub down!!
    I tried to call you guys tonight at G & T time to wish you well on your last day and to say an early Happy Christmas.
    Congratulations to Biggles (Stigma) for getting back in the saddle, I am very jealous of the amazing riding you have had in Namibia.
    Dont expect sympathy for the 40 degrees though, its cold and very very wet here. The Pig has been completely cut off by flooding in the past week, we even had a helicopter on standby incase we couldn’t get our christmas guests in!
    Happy Christmas to everyone, have an extra glass for me.

  12. Tommaso & Silvia says:

    Lots of birthdays in the last few days, happy birthday to Nick, George and Alessia.
    Hope to see you soon
    Tommaso & Silvia

  13. Mary says:

    Well well well… Good to see the Stigma has been unveiled!! Stay in one piece please, we’re looking forward to seeing you soon xx

  14. LITTLE MONKEY says:

    Happy Birthday George!

    Save some cake for when I’m out there
    Lots of love

    Julia xxxx

  15. Richard says:

    One hand on the throttle the other on your camera it seems Chris. There are hundreds of great photos here. Richard.

  16. Stelios says:

    Hi guys,
    Namibia sounds amazing, sorry not to be there. Also especially sorry to have missed the rosy cheeked lovebird! I presume that looks like a pink sparrow!!!!

  17. DD says:

    Happy Birthday Nick from all the chilly UK Dyers! Xx

  18. Sally says:


  19. The Namibian Navigator says:

    Watching you every minute of the way. Awesome trip. Enjoy the last leg.

  20. Louise and Crispin says:

    DD has given me the website details so many times so I just want to say hi Gobby, it looks like you’re having a lot of fun. DD isn’t slumming it back home either. she’s just been to the Savoy for canapés and drinks and to see a magnificent version of Cabaret. We are envying your weather. It is -2. And foggy here. L xx

  21. Jackie & Andy says:

    Great to meet you at Grootberg, hope you enjoy the rest of your trip – will raise a glass to you on 24th December!

  22. ETNA says:

    Sounds you are getting short of ski boots and tires in Namibia.

    Well done guys on your 10,000 KM still few km to go….don’t give up now and please fix the trailer! Very cold and lots of snow here…fab skiing.
    xxx ETNA

  23. DD says:

    Hello team! Northern Namibia came alive in your blog: especially the Bushmen hunting the Porcupine. Fantastic photos too. I can’t wait to join you all for more biking on 17th. X

  24. The Rat says:

    The silver fox has turned into a silver Yetti…fab beard a true biker in the mould of Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper etc !!! very jealous

  25. Lindy says:

    The new collection of photos are absolutely amazing. What a really mean looking crocodile. I’m glad I wasn’t standing next to the person who took that photo !! x

  26. Tony Range says:

    Welcome Ashley Stanley Range born at 13:52pm on 26.11.12 and 2.96kg she sends all her best wishes to the Africa 100 Gang,ride safely and give it horns,TYSA Range

  27. Stelios says:

    Some really brilliant photos, be sure to post more once you get on the road again

  28. Richard says:

    The new photo albums are superb. Thanks to Butch, Biggles and Stelios for sharing these. And, thanks to Shrek for a glimpse of this amazing tour through the short video you’ve posted. Looking forward to the next 32 days.

  29. arcangelo says:

    Dear Jim we are very sorry for your accident.We hope you have a rapid recuperation and you can continue your motorbyke race.If you need we can send you stiks of Laura.A lot of love xxx Arcangelo ,Laura

  30. amanda says:

    Don’t try to hack this plaster cast off….you know what happened last time!!!

  31. Sleazy says:

    Sounds great, wish I was still there, seems like there has been some very adventurous riding, particularly liked your account of the (slightly desperate) sandy border ride, great to feel that out of the comfort zone -then it all ends well with the return to camp. Hows everyone getting on with the riding confidence? All pretty adept now I bet. Sorry to hear about your trick of trying to drop kick a BMW – what a bugger! Are you off games now? It sounds serious.
    Keep on enjoying yourselves, I’m relying on you guys -its utterly miserable here, just joining that banal route march towards Christmas again in the grey drizzle, yeuk!

  32. Rosemary says:

    Glad to know you’re still kicking, Charles!! Just had a perusal of your site – very impressive! What an incredible experience…Next holiday could be a quiet lazy drink on our terrace??

  33. Hugues & Caridad says:

    That is really too bad!!! But happy to see that you at least manage to enjoy on quad. Take it easy and take care, Caridad & Hugues

  34. Tommaso says:

    Noooooooooooo! Jim we can’t believe it. I and Silvia are so sorry but at the same time happy to see all the rest is fine. I suggest next time to you (and to everybody) to drve a quad. I hope the adventure will somehow proceed. Kisses from Italy

  35. Sarah and Emily says:

    we think your new footwear is the height of fashion….
    hope you mend very quickly..
    with love
    Sarah and Emily xx

  36. Jonny says:

    Hmmm, all I can hear is this voice that says “that’s what comes of dickin about”… 😉

    A week of EXCOs is just what the doctor ordered me thinks. Rest easy.

  37. Tom and Elaine says:

    Oh No!! But Tom says that you could probably still run rings round Paul Scholes!
    PS Charlie broke his ankle last weekend playing rugby so you have our sympathy. Elaine

  38. sally says:

    Oh Crikey Jim………that really doesn’t look good. Hope your entrepreneurial spirit will allow you to find a way to ride your bike now?!?! lol xx

  39. Little Monkey says:

    Oh Dear Daddy BUMMA!

    I love your new boot.
    Lots of love
    xxxxx Julia

  40. Tony T.C. Range says:

    A Huge Thank You to a great bunch of bikers for the most wonderful 26 days on the Africa 100, i really enjoyed your fun and laughter,safe riding and most of all give it horns,Tony T.C. soaking up home life YEEEEHA!!!!

  41. Duncan Haward says:

    Guys, To say it looks like your are having a ball would be an adventure of a lifetime!! Gobby looks more and more the part of an aging rocker hippie biker (is that possible??!!). I look forward to watching the broadcast on completion!! Good luck for the rest of the trip! Dunc

  42. Imelda says:

    Not sure who Gobby is fighting?

    • Stelios says:

      Don’t worry about Gobby, check out Shrek…….not quite sure what he was up to but he has his bum in the air and seems to have his head between his legs!

  43. Robin says:

    Ummmm … Biggles has ‘form’ when it comes to wandering off. Last year in Ruaha he actually did amble off along a track with thick bush on either side, and I was sent after him by our guide to explain that there might be lions in the bushes to either side licking their chops and thinking ‘lunch’.

  44. Mary says:

    Well done Biggles – you’re coming first!! Xx

  45. Imelda says:

    Glad to see you back on line….I was beginning to fear the crocks had the better of you.

  46. Lindy says:

    What an amazing account of your journey on and along the Zambezi River. Sounds like you definitely deserved those gins x

  47. sally says:

    hope you are all ok? it looks like crazy fun…enjoy and look forward to seeing you soon xx

  48. DD says:

    What an adventure from running in the bush to being ‘bumped’ by a Croc! Look after yourself Gobby….I want you back whole! Missing you all. X x

  49. Alan and Marie says:

    Life back home will never be the same now!!

  50. ETNA says:

    Great job BusPass 2 awards in a day!
    I believe Imelda and Sleazy had to go home because no shopping and no massage on the canoe trip.
    Be safe ..sure the Butch will not miss me on the canoe..less zig zag route this time. Missing you lots
    xxx ETNA

  51. Imelda says:


    I’ve been home for 48 hrs.

    Regrettably I’ve already had to award two DOTDs and an HTFU to Sam (aged 1). Ill write up the situations soon.

    The family now have to show up for bags and breakfast at 0500 hrs and Kitty wants to know why i shout ‘get off Stellios’ in my sleep.

    Strangely it seems she is looking forward to my return to Africa as much as i am……21 days and counting.

    Ride with care and watch out for the hippos and crocks in those light weight, tippy, vulnerable, delicious looking canoes.


  52. Sally says:

    So good to be able to read this and hear how you are all getting on. Some of the photos are great. Lovely sunny day here in UK today but temperature set to go below freezing next week!
    Keep having fun guys and look forward to seeing you before too long.
    Sally x

  53. Jen says:

    Hi Robin & everyone! hope you are having an amazing time….look forward to hearing all about it. take care Jen x

    • jen says:

      amazing time thanks, we rode 200 kms on fast dirt roads today and no one fell off! always a relief. in Harare, Zimbabwe tonight, just getting stuck into the first gin and tonic of the evening.
      hope all is well back at base, sounds like its running better than when i am there!!!

  54. DD says:

    Fantastic descriptions for days 39 and 40 offering real insight into Gorongosa. glad to miss Boomslang but excellent photo! safe trip to Zimbabwe tomorrow.x

  55. Caroline says:

    happy 40th birthday big…so lucky to be where you are on your special day. Enjoy the wilderness. Lots of love from all of us at Ziwani.

  56. Peter & Jean says:

    Will be thinking of you to-morrow, Gregg and wish you a very HAPPY 40th Birthday. Wendy also sending birthday wishes to you on your 40th.

  57. Jonny says:

    You’re becming quite a twitcher Jim – it’s a coming of age apparently 😉

  58. Mike Louw says:

    Dear Gregg
    Happy happy 40th Birthday tomorrow — I always thought you to be a bit crackers — but now I know for sure — enjoy the ride !! All my best to you and the Team.

  59. Tommaso says:

    Hi Jim, I remind you that South Africa is the country of diamonds so don’t waste to much time in Mozambico and do what you shall do.

  60. caroline says:

    safe travels to us…can’t wait to see the team. Please bring a few soccer balls…the chaps here are in dire need.

  61. Angela G says:

    Sam, it looks like you are all having a amazing time. Enjoy Mozam, we are very envious. Be safe!!! Angela and Tom 🙂

  62. Ron says:

    From now on the going will be tough, be careful, medics will be in short supply

  63. Jonny says:

    Time to upload some more photos team, so we can share in these amazing experiences! Glad to hear all is going so well, sounds amazing from this end.

  64. Vanessa & Richard says:

    Happy birthday Jim, hope you’re not too worn out after your Africa trip to keep up on the slopes 😉 Have fun, Ness & Rich

  65. Bill Madden says:

    Happy birthday from France – it is a long way from Limewood! Hope you had a great day. Bill & Joanne

  66. John and Claire says:

    Happy Birthday Jim looks as though you are having a great time-we really enjoy reading your blogs hope the rest of the trip goes well
    John and Claire

  67. Jane says:

    Happy birthday Jim, I raised a can of lager to you in celebration of your 60th on the train back to the New Forest from Waterloo this evening. I know where I’d rather be!! love Jane

  68. Ben V says:

    Wishing you a very happy birthday Jim! The trip looks fantastic. I hope you have a fantastic few days on Safari!

  69. Hugues & Caridad says:

    We wish you a very happy birthday and a wonderful party at beautiful Rocktail Beach!! Hugues & Caridad

  70. Alan and Marie says:

    A very happy birthday Jim Hope you got our e-mail Our day here ismuch less stressful than it was 60 years ago !! lol Alan and Marie

  71. Barry says:

    Happy Birthday Jim .. Looks like your having a great time and the trip is going well !!! I had thought about making an offer on a bike when your finished….. but not sure the bikes will make it back in working order with the punishment your all inflicting on them. Have a great day and enjoy the rest of the trip !!

  72. Peter & Jean says:

    Happy 60th Birthday Jim. Hope you have a great celebration and that all is going to plan with the trip.

  73. Fred and Jess says:

    Happy Birthday Jim
    I’m sure you are missing Rolle by now!
    By the way BMW is the new acronym for Bitching, Moaning and Whinging. Who is winning that award?

  74. Jonny says:

    A new era dawns… 😉
    Be gentle with him.

  75. James says:

    Jim, have a great day, Happy Birthday! James and B xx

  76. Robin says:

    Thrilled to see about the rhino sightings – as Biggles may be able to tell you (if his memory still works) I was briefly involved in a rhino conservation project, but never actually saw one! And I’m still very interested.

    Umfolozi is interesting as it has – may be still does – acted as a rhino ‘nursery’ from which animals are translocated to other palces to rebuild populations.

    May be time to pass the hat around for Save the Rhino? See

  77. Richard says:

    Was the safari meant to be on foot or are you running low on bikes? 😉 It is certainly well timed. Gives the mechanics a little time to sort repairs and renewals. Good Luck. Richard.

  78. Gary, Mary, Diane & Maurice says:

    G’Day Bikers!
    We’ve just returned from The Barrier Reef and Rain Forest so had no contact with the outside world – fantastic trip. Caught up with the blog today and sounds very challenging and exciting. Hope you have a restful birthday week before hitting the road again. We’re off to Dingo country this week – only damage so far has been Gary being p@@@ed on by a possum!!!
    Keep safe.
    All the best
    Gary, Mary, Diane & Maurice

  79. Tommaso says:

    Hi guys, the most difficult time is still to come. We are about to reach you in South Africa and next week will be very challenging for you with all of us

  80. Justin HY says:

    enjoying reading all of your stories. looking forward to hearing them in the flesh. sad i can’t be there next week. stay safe x

  81. Tobie Esterhuyzen says:

    I was on a solo ride through Lesotho when I met this bunch of adventure bikers at the top of Sani Pass.
    Friendly guys and interesting to hear their stories and what a fantastic idea for a trip of a lifetime!
    Next day I joined them in their descent of Sani Pass and continued with them up to Nottingham Road. We all enjoyed the breakfast & coffee around the fire after the wind & rain.
    It was great meeting you all. Enjoy the rest of your trip and stay on two wheels!
    (from South Africa)

  82. Julia says:

    In case any of you are homesick, the Tory party conference is going well in Birmingham . . . !!!

  83. Sally says:

    Surely it’s about time that Buspass was awarded DOTD? X

  84. Kate Holmes says:

    Hope you are all having a great adventure. It is incredibly quiet without you all !!!!!! I am missing you all !!!!!!! Love to all K x

  85. Sally says:

    Well Shrek……’s a good job it won’t last forever then!!!!!!
    Love hearing about your adventures and so looking forward to seeing you all soon. Better scrub up!!!!

  86. Bill Madden says:

    Hope they looked after you at Fugitives Drift – tragically David Rattray was murdered there a few years ago but I am sure the facility continues. Good luck on the next leg of your trip

  87. Koos says:

    To the team, wonderful achievements for man and machine. Stunning pictures. a bit less comfort than the Feadship I noticed but very exciting.

  88. Jonny says:

    The dismal wet weather was probably as reminiscent of those damp days in The Forest with the persistent drizzle that never lets up. Another day of that at this end unfort so you’re not missing much – we’re all living life vicariously thrugh you guys at the moment, so keep all the war stories and photos coming! Jonny.

  89. DD says:

    Glad to have missed the Sani Pass! Well done for the descent and on to the next adventure. We are following your every move! Keep safe.

  90. andrew says:

    St Albans Road proud of you, Tim. Equal first in DoD. Nice legs too.

  91. ETNA says:

    Sani pass looks insane!
    Sure the weight of my suitcase would have helped the jeep to get more grip.
    Good no injuries and nothing new about Biggles’ babysitting. Are you checking his zips?
    Xxx ETNA

  92. Sally says:

    2 days in a row Biggles!?!
    You must try harder! X

  93. Imelda says:

    Ok cool it boys! Glad no injuries.

  94. Imelda says:

    90km is that all? Ride on lunatics. Love the photos but think you might have been short changed on that black rhino!? looks like he has a touch of Michael Jackson syndrome? And is that The Little Lord Buspass sitting on his bike not getting his feet wet? Looks a bit D.O.T.D to me?

  95. ETNA says:

    Glad I’m missing all these potholes….Good job that Buspass’ tyre survived, otherwise Butch would have had 2 repairs …I love the Royal “we” about the repair!

    No D.O.T.D today? I have some ideas….
    It is true that the puncture delayed the team but I blame Bill Madden for this as he was questioning about punctures yesterday….so not fair to give it to Butch.

    I believe all of you should be appointed D.O.T.D …90km/hr on dirt is monumentally stupid!

    Please put photos…last ones are dated 30 Sept.
    Have a good sleep and good ride tomorrow
    xxx ETNA

  96. Jonny says:

    Wow, what an incredible sighting. Suspect Gobby’s underwear won’t be the same again after that fright! Photos please… (of the rhino or Nick’s “pair”, not Gobby’s underwear).

    • Brenda says:

      I have photos of the underwear in THE river crossing. We were some of the local onlookers having a good chuckle at the crossing. Let me know how to get the photo’s to you

  97. Bill Madden says:

    Great progress – any punctures yet? Swartzberg pass went OK?
    Life here in France OK/good
    Bill Madden

  98. ETNA says:

    Oh dear …lots of dicking about in the water today …any photos of the crossing and of Gobby in his sexy underware?
    Shall I bring a water proof camera and a snorkel for the next leg?
    I can’t believe Hot lips still allows you all to have more carrot cake!
    And what about the running? I had to run every single day I have been there with you guys …and now the Kid in charge of the fitness is flying home…disaster… seems to me there is a bit of an holiday mood there…I’ve been to the office today and parked on your spot Buss pass…cats away mouses dancing! ah ah…Lots of love xxx ETNA

  99. Jonny says:

    Good to see the dickin’ about continues apace with the DOTD awards. But there seems to be an IT hitch as I can’t get the Day 7 award to appear on my screen. I’ve had the IT department working on it, and they have confirmed that the data has been withheld by someone with the highest levels of security clearance. Hmm, is someone in the team trying to massage the results I wonder…?

  100. Jean-Daniel says:

    Hello Everybody, pictures looks great. The one “way to the pont” is..RAAahhhhh!!! 🙂 Must be so good with these bikes!!

  101. Jonny says:

    There seems to have been a lot of “dicking about” so far. Maybe the radio-silence means that the team have decided it’s time to get riding… let’s hope they find some Dicky Pud to fill up on at the next pit-stop rather than Apple Pie.

  102. Rooney says:

    Holy cow! cant believe 8 days down already. Man – wish i could have been there – sleeping with my Leatherman as comforter! Have to say the crew reads like a Tarantino script!Nothing like a Bok in leathers – at least thats what C says! following with facination from Shanghai – the ex-bushy family Surge,Mrs MD,E&F. Mongolia awaits!

  103. Eva says:

    Just looked up where you are heading next! Can someone beam me over and I can hide inside Butch’s sleeve?? Lol

  104. laura says:

    Hi guys ,
    I’m packing for Australia leaving on Thursday. . .missing u all already lots. Just passed my history exam today…had to study some English bits, can’t believe I had to read 15 pages to learn all your dicking about….lots of wars to then end up again with king Charles II after Cromwell! Sure Gobby can explain this.
    Two days with no news from you…are you in a remote area?
    Take care

    Lots of love xx


  105. Fred says:

    Just hoping HotLips is still wearing his DOTD badge? Something tells me no one is going to vote for Buspass to wear it?
    Pleased and rather surprised to hear you are all still intact
    Rest assured it is rainy and cold here and I suspect your beer tastes better!

  106. Claudio says:

    Hi guys really beautiful adventure. What can I say, only that I envy you. I follow your adventure from the grey and flat Belgium

  107. JULIA says:

    Hi naughty Daddy and brothers,
    I’m sulking because you left me behind after all the vaccines I had to come to Africa.
    Please bring me a baby lion..
    JULIA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  108. ETNA says:

    Hi Africa100,
    finally landed in a sunny Milan.
    Missing my mandarine bike as much as you….now on holiday, rest, no running and pizza tonight! xxx ETNA

  109. sally says:

    Sorry to have to say goodbye to you guys yesterday but hope you continue to have a fantastic adventure and look forward to seeing you all soon!
    Ride Safe X

  110. DD says:

    Hello Team! DD is missing Gobby’s bike (and Gobby!). It’s not the same in the rain in Kingston. The blog is great and makes me feel I’m still with you all.

  111. Raul says:

    Sam and George
    Why didn’t you swim with the sharks?
    Have you been chased by a lion yet?
    Raul xx

  112. Richard says:

    Sam – the photos of the past couple of days are superb. Please keep them coming.

  113. Mary says:

    Well done Biggles for winning D.O.T.D – what a proud daughter I am xxx

  114. Lindy says:

    Just love the addition of D.O.T.D. x

  115. Gabi says:

    Hello Gobby/Tim….pictures look great…seems like you all enjoy the trip..I am jalouse!!!
    Wishing you all the best

  116. Imelda says:

    Rough day Tim?

  117. Henri Thurier says:

    Hi everybody
    Very nice picture all of you on your bikes (especially Etna &DoubleD)
    You look great ,full of energy and motivation .keep on running
    Have a good bike ride trip , take care .
    See you to ride the snow .

  118. Alisoun says:

    Sounds like you are all having a blast. Have fun, ride safe and eat well…Alisoun

  119. Imelda says:

    Nice one team, you’re away.

    Delighted to hear I need a new bike already….. they just released the 2013 model.

    George, where is that jacket from?

    More photos from all the team please, its almost too much to take thinking of you cruising the dirt roads but photos make it bearable. .

    Take it easy.


  120. Sally says:

    Warm up day……..a journey down to Cape Point in rain and sunshine! A fabulous seafood lunch and a short ride back. Everyone relaxed and in good spirits! Such fun!

  121. laura says:

    i can’t belive that you already started and already had your first plate of oysters…mmm probably only Etna enjoyed! 🙂 miss you all already but at list i know you are ot missing me because you are having so much fun! a big good luck also from arcangelo and laura! xxx laura

  122. Kate Mellersh says:

    Good luck to ALL of you…Very strange leaving you at the airport and not taking you all to where you need to be! Have an amazing adventure all of you, cant wait to see how you are getting on, on your 100 day epic tour! Jim, I will have a very large slice of fruit cake, yummy coffee and comfy slippers waiting for your return and cant wait to see the pics!

  123. Daniel Lainchbury says:

    Good luck sam !!!!

  124. Jan Painter says:

    I’m Back in Spain just 14 miles from Africa. Fly the flag for the girls DD. Bon voyage tous!

  125. Gabi says:

    Hello Gobby – you are unique and I am happy for you.
    May you and your friends have à Great Time – N’joy Life – and stay out of Troubles during this Big Adventure.
    Your Trip to AFRICA – will Not last only 100days…IT begann Way befor and will stay with you Forever.
    So Rider – have the Best Ride in your Life
    all the Best – As always

  126. Mary and Jonny says:

    Good luck to you all, have an amazing adventure and enjoy every second! Looking forward to hearing all about it when you return after Christmas. Mary and Jonny xx

  127. Frank Townson says:

    Good Luck to you all.

  128. Good Luck to you all Africa 100 team. The trip looks utterly amazing!! Wat a way to celebrate! Really looking forward to seeing the photographs and hearing the tales of your trip. Best of luck xxxx

  129. Mike Clarke says:

    What a brilliant addition you’ll all be to Africa’s ‘Big 7’ animals – the ‘Super 8′ – with your big bikes streaking along, in fierce competition with the leopards,exhaust notes drowning the lions’ roars …. but seriously have a great, great time on this wonderful, wild safari of a birthday adventure!

  130. Charlie Dyer says:

    GOOD LUCK to Africa 100. Really looking forward to following your adventure. I know there will be so many stories to share. I can’t wait to hear them all. GO FOR IT (I am very jealous) XXXXXX

  131. shrek says:

    just posting a message via satellite to see how ridiculously expensive the process is

  132. Paul Jones says:

    Good luck on the trip – wish I could come too – I’m sure I could fit into a pannier or two! We have enjoyed building the site for you all to fill with lots of news and will read with anticipation. Paul Jones at Merchant.

  133. Richard says:

    Good Luck to the Africa 100 team. I am looking forward to your posts, photos and banter from the training to the main event. Richard

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