D66….Ebony and Ivory.

Blog — By on November 27, 2012 1:08 pm

Our last full day in the bush here in the Okavango. The Ineos folk seem to have been thoroughly absorbed by such a new experience. Botswana is the ultimate destination for a safari.

Despite 5 meetings today we did manage the morning and afternoon game drives.

This morning we found ourselves in the most magnificent forest of huge ebony trees. One must have measured over 3 metres in diameter. As you know it is a pretty endangered species so it was wonderful to see so many large mature specimens. I happened to remark that it would make my day if we found a herd of ellies in this great forest as it would crown a great title for the blog! And what was lying in wait around the next corner, but a breeding herd of elephants!! Someone was listening!

And in the late afternoon we sat patiently by a female leopard sat under a tree with its kill nearby. It is very relaxing to observe a great cat, listen to bush stories from the guide, and pick up different birds flitting about the trees. Eventually she arose, stretched and headed off in search of water. We followed taking photos as she meandered through the bush, ever watchful for another hunting opportunity. A cool day. J

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