D64…..Wheel Wobble

Blog — By on November 27, 2012 1:04 pm

No game drive this morning as we transferred from Mombo to Vumbura. We took the Bell 5 seater which deviated a little and went over some more remote parts of the Delta. The highlight was a relatively small pool containing probably 30 large crocs and a dieing hippo. The crocs were patiently milling around the pool awaiting dinner.

Later in the day we went on the evening drive on which the highlight was a lovely herd of sable. Despite the attentions of the Vumbura pride of lions, the sable were still impressive and plentiful. As it was getting dark and we were speeding back to camp, which was still some distance away, some disturbing noises arose from the back of our trusty Landrover. It transpired that the wheel was falling off at the back! Good old Landrover. Can you imagine this ever happening on a Toyota LandCruiser?!! One wheel nut was missing completely. After some hefty grunts and beef from our driver, the wheel was firmly reinstated and iron tight. One kilometre later the same noises returned. Loose wheel again. A couple of repeat scenarios and the rescue vehicle was called up.
Clearly the new Indian owners of Landrover are continuing with past strategies……’Never mind the quality isn’t it a cool look!’ J

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