The Team

A hand picked team of intrepid adventurers, are currently training hard in extreme locations around the world. The team-spirit that already exists amongst them will see this group of hardened bikers through 10,000 Km of some of the most hostile terrain on the planet (excluding the North and South Poles, but then half of them have been there already).

Each member of the Africa 100 team has a unique set of skills that combine to make for a very strong unit – hell bent on having a good time every hour of the 100 days that they are on the trail.  The question is not whether they are ready for Africa but whether Africa will ever  be ready for them!


Buspass (aka Jim)

For most blokes, celebrating their sixtieth birthday with a round of golf or a day’s fishing, followed by a curry and a few pints, would be regarded as a boisterous return to the wild days of their youth.  Not so Buspass who, having recently walked to both poles, came up with the madcap idea of asking a bunch of blokes, many of whom had never ridden a motorbike, to join him on a 10,000 km off-road motorcycle adventure.  Simples.


Biggles (aka Charles)

Even older than Buspass, if that’s possible.  First sat on a motorbike a year before the trip at the age of 60.  Initially a reluctant biker, was recently seen wandering round the Custom & Hotrod show at Beaulieu Motor Museum, taking photographs of motorbikes – even more incredibly – so was his wife Jo!


Imelda (aka Chris)

Shares a love of footwear with Ms Marcos although this Imelda’s taste favours off-road motorcycle boots – most of which she buys following expert advice and fitting in the european capital of adventure motorcycling – Monte Carlo. Never knowingly under-shopped, Imelda has the potential to make a lot of impoverished african shopkeepers very happy.


Shrek (aka Nick)

Crisis – what crisis?  At the age of 51, and having last owned a motorbike when he was 19,   Shrek bought a 160mph sports bike, using the lame excuse that with only a year to go before the Africa adventure, he needed to practice.  Sally remains deeply concerned about his fascination with the masonic sounding ‘knee down‘ club .


Gobby (aka Tim D)

Couldn’t understand why the instructor wasn’t grateful for advice on clutch control during the pathetically easy CBT (compulsory basic training).  Not surprisingly Gobby failed before he even got out on the roads.  Undaunted, he successfully re-sat the test and is now regularly seen on his beema – burning rubber outside Bentalls and wheelying through the shopping centres of Kingston.


Hotlips (aka Adam)

The Harley Street Harley Rider and the only one with the faintest idea of what to do in a medical emergency . . . a shame therefore that he won’t be present for the entire trip!  Rumoured to be a controlling force behind the dreaded cor-performance Stasi.


Stelios (aka Robin)

Bike fitted with sophisticated, temperature controlled panniers for carrying locally purchased wine.  The hedonistic hotelier bases all his business decisions on the Easy Jet model and rides an orange bike in honour of his hero and namesake.


Sleazy Rider (aka Tim G)

Silver haired creative type and the only genuine ‘biker’ on the trip.  Enjoys taking his Harley on extravagant Fatboy gastro-tours with his mate Stelios.  Never recovered from failing the audition for the Hairy Bikers.



Butch (aka Sam)

Responsible for fixing literally anything and everything that could possibly break down or go wrong with Buspass‘s bike, belongings, or even Buspass himself.  Role extends to fixing punctures, setting cameras to childishly simple auto-mode and being available to pick up Buspass’s bike every time he drops it.  No pressure.


The Kid (aka George)

The baby of the group with a canny knack of knowing when to keep his head down.  A hard-working student (ha) who dodges bullets with consumate ease.  Returning home several times throughout the trip in order to resume drinking competitions with his university mates.


Etna (aka Alessia)

With much of her teens spent riding a scooter, or as pillion behind a succession of hotheaded Nazionale-smoking Ducati riders, Etna is no stranger to two wheels – or suicidal driving.  But like all Ducatisti, she struggles with the prospect of riding anything that doesn’t come from Bologna.  Oh – and she also struggles with mice in the bedroom.  Thankfully Buspass has promised her that there aren’t many animals in Africa – and certainly none where we’re going.


Double D (aka Effie)

If it’s unwise for a man to ask a lady her age, then god help him if he asks the reason behind her nickname.  A fearsome motorcyclist with little regard for personal safety, DD’s presence will hopefully ensure that Gobby always cleans his teeth before going to bed and changes his pants at least once a week.


The Bok (aka Gregg)

As expedition guide the Bok has, at Biggles’ request, recced the entire route in a 4×4 simply to ensure there is level ground at the end of each day on which to mix sundowners.
Boasts an encyclopaedic knowledge of Africa’s bird population although quite what help the latin name for fish eagle will be when faced with a pride of hungry lions is anyone’s guess.


  1. Kate Mellersh says:

    Hahahahaha…LOVE THE TEAM NAMES…very funny..but true! xx

  2. Lindy Shanks says:

    Have a brilliant adventure.
    Looking forward to seeing the movie.
    Stay safe.
    Love to you all.
    Lindy x

  3. Mike says:

    Sounds like a wonderful trip!
    Have fun and can’t wait to see the pictures and hear the stories.
    Wish I could go with you.

  4. Bill Madden says:

    Woops wrote in the wrong box!! The party celebration is over and what a fantastic event it was – well done Alessia!
    Now the hard work starts with your departure on Thursday – best of luck to the whole team. Bill

  5. Bill Madden says:

    Well the moment of truth is coming ever closer – the party weekend is over and it was a fantastic event Now for the hard work! Wishing you all every success. Bill

  6. Charlie Dyer says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading / giggling over each persons bio – what a crew you are. I can’t wait to keep up with you all on your adventures around Africa.

    WATCH OUT AFRICA, Africa 100 are coming! XXXXXX

  7. Stelios Stelios says:

    what a motley crew – god help us!!!

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