Day 98… Statistics, statistics and more damned statistics.

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A few statistics for the trip:

Distance ridden 13,500 kilometers.

Longest day 469 kilometers. Azura to Gorongosa in Mozambique.

Longest off road day 437 kilometers. Sossusvlei to Bethanie in Namibia.

Shortest day in distance (125k) was our second longest riding day. 12 hours. Serra Cafema sand!

Only once did we fail to complete the planned destination. Our first night in Mozambique. This was our longest riding day in time but we failed to make the distance.

Roughly 75 per cent of trip on dirt roads (including Namibian beach!).

10 bikes (all BMWs)

11 Riders

2 riders completed the whole trip. Jim and Sam.

2 riders only missed 2 days. Nick and Gregg.

2 bikes made the whole trip. Jim and Gregg.

Only 1 bike and rider together made the whole trip. Jim

Everybody had a significant accident (ie involving pain!)except Sam, Sleazy and George.
3 broken bones.

5 bike punctures.

5 Cruiser and trailer punctures.

Sams bike. Main spring broke.

Georges bike. Bearings on rear wheel failed.

Nicks bike. Clutch failed. Smashed front end. Horn broke. Front wheel rim smashed twice. Wing mirror smashed. Engine coughing and wheezing at the end. Radiator hanging off. Top box overheated and melted GPS. Dear dear Nick!

Robins bike. Front lights broken in crash.

Alessias bike. Clutch failed. Radiator hanging off.

Greggs bike. Electical mishaps. Hazards on constantly. Front mudguard smashed. Clutch and brake levers snapped in half. Gear lever redesigned. Handlebars bent. All farings bashed and scratched. Battery leaking. Oil leak. No left mirror. Oh dear dear Gregg!

Chris’s bike. Tax disc has fallen off. (But he lives in Monaco so doesn’t pay tax!). Right indicator mislaid in Namibia.

Jims bike. Number plate dropped off. Radiator screw lost. Light bulb gone.

Charles bike. Let’s keep it simple. Written off!

Tim’s bike. Number plate broken, rammed by Sam. Gear lever and brake lever bent. Handlebars bent.

Both leaf springs destroyed on trailer. Hartmanns Pass the culprit.

410 different bird species spotted.

750 cafe lattes consumed.

1000 gin and tonics!!

525k of jogging (8 in a ski boot)

Highest altitude attained 3586m in Lesotho.

Hottest temperature 44c. Zambezi Valley (Zim), Makgadigadi (Bots), Fish River Canyon (Nam).

Coldest temperature. 5c Sani Pass.

Starters. Gregg, Jim, Sam, George, Nick, Charles, Tim, Adam, Alessia, Felicity.

Finishers. Gregg, Jim, Sam, George, Tim, Charles, Nick, Felicity, Alessia.

Number of times stopped by police. South Africa none. Mozambique 6 times. Zimbabwe 12 times. Namibia 5 times. Botswana none.

Everybody had one traffic fine. Think of it as a social contribution.

Number of times Nick performed his song Africa100 live to an audience. 18 times.

Other bikers met on tour 15 only.
Number of items stolen. One leatherman….could have been mislaid!

Number of security issues. None.
Number of Manchester United supporters met. Dozens!!…and including a cafe painted in the original green and yellow colours in NW Namibia. Number of Chelsea supporters met. None!

Countries visited 8. SA, Moz, Lesotho, Zim, Bots, Nam, Angola, Zambia. (2 unofficial!).

Different modes of travel 19. Helicopter, donkey, quad bikes, chain ferry, proper ferry, houseboat, canoes, mokoro, prop planes, sand board, sea kayaks, dhow, rib, landrover, trailer, trailer, minibus, horseback, plus motorbikes!!

80 full days of sunshine, 4 days of rain, 16 overcast days.

Mountain Passes 15.

And to the blog proper. Today we biked down to the Cape again as on Boxing Day it was simply too congested to take photos. So a good early start, mission accomplished mid morning and then an emotional return for the bikes to the container store. A last photo amongst the boxes and then off for a sunny jog. J


  1. Cecil says:

    Great stats J.

  2. John and Claire says:

    Fantastic!!! Well done to you all-so sorry the blogs are coming to an end,they have made compelling reading for the last 98 days.Happy New Year to you all and a safe journey back to a soggy UK
    John and Claire
    P.S. would make a super book,film or documentary!! Will make Richard Dimblebys documentary starting next Wednesday look pretty tame I suspect!