Day 91… Gobby

Blog — By on December 24, 2012 12:12 pm

After 91 days you would think we would be a bit more orientated on our bikes than some seem to be. In the morning we all gathered in the car park ready to leave down the track. Gobby however, set off on his bike on what we all thought was a warm up lap of the car park. He proceeded down a tiny donkey track in the opposite direction to the 9 other bikes and disappeared. After 5 minutes he had not returned so we sent Butch off to go and find him and bring him back to the rest of the bikers all in hysterics! He did not acknowledge us, and sped off up the right track this time…


  1. Gobby Gobby says:

    Oh yes, I almost forgot………Buspass managed to miss a turning on Day 90. It was early in the morning and he decided to lead the group. Unfortunately, he missed a right turn and The Bok had to go off in pursuit. Definitely another unrecorded DOTD. Probably when you add up all of the unrecorded incidents you will find that Buspass easily wins the DOTD competition!!

  2. Gobby Gobby says:

    There is an expression…….”people in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones”
    I’m reminded of the key incident in Walvis Bay. We had been for a coffee and on returning to our bikes, Buspass discovered that he had lost his keys. We all searched everywhere. We had to go back to the cafe, but the keys were no where to be seen. Eventually, it was discovered that Buspass had put the keys in his trousers, not in his pocket, but in the ventilation slot and they were now rattling around his right ankle. I think the whole process took about 30 minutes of dicking about!!