D92…..Washed Out.

Blog — By on December 24, 2012 8:20 am

South Africa has certainly put in a bid to rival parts of Namibia for off roading today. We biked a great dirt road that has recently been washed out with a recent deluge. It had holes and sand and great sections of road that had just been washed away….perfect for the bikers again. The scenery was almost as magnificent as Namibia, but greener. There is more vegetation and so the rocks are a little less dramatic. But again the shock for the Europeans is the vastness of this place. Time and time again the road just winds endlessly to the horizon. It is simply spectacular.

Eventually after more than 400ks of dirt road (maybe our longest of the trip) we arrived at a nice little farmhouse to find the girls waving union jacks and celebratory choruses to welcome us to our first South African lodgings in awhile. It was a splendid and heart warming sight. Alessia, Caroline and Jo. Embraces all round. We celebrated the evening with a proper South African braai (bbq to the uninitiated), cooked by a proper South African, and a rendition from Nick of Africa100 and Adrenaline Grass. And a 10k jog of course.

Only two days to go. J

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