D79….Trailer Trash.

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We biked 232k today from Serra Cafema to Purros which is due South. Purros is a collection of just a few huts, but it has good telephone reception. The modern world. They were tough dirt roads with some sand and lots of loose gravel. We had a few ‘offs’ but nothing that would prevent one lifting an evening gin and tonic. Chris topped the league with 5 or 6 falls, and Gregg came quite a cropper.

It was classic Namibian scenery, large, flat, arid, stony plains surrounded by mountains of many colours. As Nick said at one of our stops it is just impossible to describe the beauty of the place in words. You just have to be here.

As we got a little closer to the coast we would get the occasional patch of cool air, rather like swimming in the sea where one moves from a hot spot to a cold spot. The Benguela current that runs up the West coast of Africa is a cold current.

The day ended well in that we, and all our bikes, finished a difficult and long day in one piece. Some of the worst corrugations we had experienced. The bad news was that the trailer again succumbed to Namibia’s brutal dirt roads. This time the leaf spring broke in several places, also severing some bolts and the trailer dropped onto the tyre. Fortunately it happened as we arrived at the lodge. It will take a few days to fix so we working on a contingency plan. It will be staying here for a few days. More later. J

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  1. Hotlips says:

    The last few days sound truly spectacular. One day at time now and remember to have fun