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We were awoken in the pitch dark. We fumbled around in the tents with dim torches and tilly lamps and packed up. Rain gently smattered on the tent rooves.

Bacon and egg, goodbyes to Kane our trusty Bushman guide throughout Botswana, John and Kirsty who ran the camp plus their helpers and we were on the road again. We slithered and slipped down the 3km wet track to the gravel road. Tim had taken over the wheel on the cruiser as our Namibian guide doesn’t show up yet for another 2 days.

30 km further on and off we went down a most obscure small track into the bush. A few kilometers further and we arrived at the Botswanan Namibian border post. A tiny little garden hut in the middle of nowhere. This is very possibly the remotest border post on the planet. The border guard said they can go for days without a customer! It was a friendly affair and pleasantly lasted only an hour or so. Namibia is our sixth country of the trip.

There followed well over 200kms of dirt road. The dirt is different here. It contains sand. Also the vehicle wheels leave grooves as the surface is softer. Both frighten one to death if you get caught. Maximum concentration is required but even so occasionally we are surprised by a patch of sand (like ice) or get caught in a rut which immediately throws you off balance.

Apart from these odd moments it was a great ride. At one point an ostrich trotted across the road. Then a jackal, and then a martial eagle swooped down.

We covered 315km of dirt road today which may be a record for dirt. There were only 5 bikers today as Tim was driving the Cruiser. Nick and Gregg and the 3 Ratcliffes were riding.

It is late afternoon and we have just settled into a nice sunny travellers lodge well into Namibia. A successful day. J

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