Blog — By on November 27, 2012 1:05 pm

The rainy season is certainly upon us. From 45 degrees it is now around 15. The dry sandy roads are now full of deep puddles. The evening backdrop of noise has changed from the rasping of cycadas, (a small grasshopper) to the croaking of bullfrogs. Once a year there is a termite eruption which is happening as I write, at the commencement of the rainy season. The termites sprout wings for a day, flood the skies, land, shed their wings and regroup in new founder colonies. It provides a veritable feast for birds, baboons, monkeys, and even the magnificent African Fish Eagle cannot resist such a tasty and abundant snack. So rich pickings at present together with the hordes of frogs that have reemerged after being buried dormant through the dry season.

In the morning we came across a young leopardess, maybe 2 years old. Curiously she scaled a tree, which had her recent impala kill wedged in a fork, manhandled it from the fork and then descended the tree, with the kill, and disappeared to devour it on the ground. It is not clear why she would take such a risk with so many hyenas and lions around. But nevertheless a fascinating sighting.

The evening drive was consumed by tracking 2 large male lions. After a good 2 hours we came away empty handed. But that’s the bush. J

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