D63….Finally a Leopard.

Blog — By on November 27, 2012 1:02 pm

We are on our 63rd day in Africa. We have stayed at the best wildlife camps on offer. We have probably seen 150 lions. We saw 50 white rhino in 2 days in South Africa. We even saw the highly endangered black rhino. But nowhere have we sighted Africa’s most successful cat, the leopard. That is until today. And today we met the filmstar Lakadema, the famous Mombo leopardess that has featured in many National Geographic features, and the Jouberts well know documentary ‘Eye of the Leopard’. She was heavily pregnant, in tip top condition and scaled trees as if they were lying down. A gorgeous creature.

The afternoon was a little truncated as the board session was prolonged. I had a short cycle on the deck afterwards, and was joined by a few ellies which took my mind off the tedium of cycling, but going nowhere. And then a short game drive. A fish eagle on the ground eating termites, a pair of African Snake Eagles up close, an African Snake Eagle, a Marico Flycatcher, a Woodland Kingfisher that doesn’t fish, and a Rattling Cisticula. All topped off with a gin and tonic in the bush. A lovely day. J

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