D61…The Okavango

Blog — By on November 27, 2012 11:15 am

The Okavango Delta offers the finest game viewing in the world. It is such a verdant place, with huge amounts of water flowing down from Angola, and then fanning out into an area the size of Southern England in an archetypal delta array. This then combines with a gloriously warm climate and provides rich grazing for countless hooved animals which in turn provide a plentiful larder for the carnivores. Mombo Camp is in the heart of the Delta. Two minutes out of camp and one is bumping into game. Guaranteed.
All that said I am here for a series of board meetings. One in the morning and one after lunch for 8 days. The Ineos Capital board have shared the same fate although we manage an hour or two of game drive early morning and early evening.

Today lions aplenty, monitor lizards, crocodiles fighting which was new for me, a sizeable clan of hyenas with youngsters, impala and zebra with new borns, hippos, lechwe, kudu and a new one the migratory Woodland Kingfisher together with the rare Black Coucal. Sadly the foot went backwards today. J

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