“Booming through Botswana”

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Botswana has been a revelation in many ways.
It is a geographically diverse country from the arid, emptiness of the Makgadigadi to the vast wetlands of the Okavango Delta…here we experienced the most prolific and varied wildlife viewing on our journey so far.

It is a stable country of two million people with a democratically elected President and government. Unusually for Africa, the current regime is operating very much in the interests of the people it represents.
There is a pride in the country that we have not felt anywhere else on our travels. The people that we have met talk openly about the progress that is being made within their nation.

There is mineral wealth, particularly diamonds, and the government operates in partnership with international mining companies and keeps control of its assets. The proceeds of those resources are being spent and distributed for the benefit of the people.

A “zero tolerance” policy towards any poaching of the country’s wildlife is refreshing. The Botswana army is used effectively to stop poaching and they have orders to “shoot to kill”. The government clearly understands the benefits of tourism to its economy and has realised that without successful safaris and secure game parks that industry dies. Next year all hunting by outsiders will be banned in Botswana.

There are plans to create the biggest area of game park in the world comprising 300,000 sq kilometres. It would encompass parts of Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The current President of Botswana, Ian Khama, is at the forefront of this innovative and long term proposal. However, the other countries have yet to address the problem of poaching and that remains a major stumbling block to the plan.

Botswana is a beacon of hope in Southern Africa.
A shining example of what can be achieved and an example that others will hopefully copy.
There are also elected governments in Europe who could benefit from an examination of the Botswana model!

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